What We Offer

Dock-to-dock sharing service

Boost Scooters’ dock-to-dock scooter sharing method will allow campus dwellers to get the most utility out of the scooter for the time they are using it. For a low price, riders will be able to ride scooters from one end of campus to the next in a fraction of the time, while enjoying a fun and stress-relieving ride.

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Early Implementation

Based on size, a number of racks would be added to a select campus. More scooters and racks will be added upon an increase in student, faculty, or employee demand. Having a higher amount of racks than scooters will allow the rider to go across campus without having to worry about where to place the scooter.

Seamless Payment and Tracking

Scooter unlock, tracking, and payments will be made through the Movatic App. Through this user-friendly mobile tool, students, faculty, or employees will be able register into our private Boost Scooters system and upload their payment information. In addition to a small unlock fee, users are charged per minute for the use of the scooter throughout their ride. Users can also view the availability & distance of each scooter within that campus area.


Key Benefits

Convenience: Our service is always available to those affiliated with the community. With Boost, a rider can get to where they need to go in a fraction of the time that he/she would spend walking, and avoid spending money on an Uber or Lyft.

Financial Accessibility: Riders might not have the financial resources to purchase a vehicle, bike, or scooter, but with Boost, we give them all of the benefits of having a scooter without actually having to buy one.

Sustainability: As campuses are constantly looking for commuting options that are environment-friendly, Boost scooters gives riders the option to step away from Ubers, and other motorized vehicles, ultimately decreasing the Carbon footprint of that school/business.

Cultural Impact: Boost can increase the culture on a campus by bringing students, faculty, or employees together. Whether it’s day-to-day rides, or “Get Fit” initiatives, our scooters can be used to increase health and wellness on a campus.

Are you interested in bring Boost to your community? Fill out your information below, and we’ll be in contact about possible opportunities.

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